Swim with the Sharks! In the World Series of downrigger salmon sport fishing, the New York fishery and tackle market is the biggest in the world. Where quality meets quantity, the big league. That being said Sonny’s Fishing and RV Center in Pulaski New York knocked it right otta da park in 2019; Home Run!!!! It takes teamwork to run an operation like Sonny’s, and a lot of hard work to succeed in a tough market like NY. Robert and Jessica Landphere and their family are those hard working legendary American “mom & pop” tackle shop people who built the fishing industry in the USA. Old school never gets old.

Rob and Jessica took over Sonny’s with a vision to the future and to take a big piece of the NY downrigger tackle market; 2019 was a record year for Sonny’s and for Shark in New York. We approached Sonny’s early in the season, in a panic to find a dealer/distributor for Shark Trolling Products when all our options in NY fell apart at the last minute after 20 years. With their business talent and their honest work ethic, they forged ahead working 18 hour days overcoming all the new challenges, there were a few. Lol:) mostly from left field.

By the end of the 2019 salmon season Sonny’s has established itself as a leader in the New York salmon market, certainly in Pulaski and vicinity. Look out for 2020, Sonny’s new “online tackle store” is OPERATIONAL and will be the go to online market site in the USA for Shark Trolling Products. They are already expanding the shop to make way for a larger Shark Mega Wall, including the “Greg Amiel Signature Series” flashers and cannonballs as well as the “Screamer Signature Series” We support the people who support us has always been our business motto, in that regard Sonny’s was there to support us when no one else would, and we love doing business with them, they are so much fun. All their customer’s think so as well, drop in and see them next time you are through Pulaski, they have all the Shark stuff.

Speaking of “Shark stuff” Shark has had one of the top pro staff programs in the salmon industry worldwide for the last 20 years, That being said the New York teams are legendary worldwide, they started with Shark 20 years ago and they stuck with Shark the whole time. We can’t begin to thank all the New York teams who stepped up and helped out a little Canadian company from the boonies.
Check out https://atomic-temporary-95975113.wpcomstaging.com/ for our history with these great teams.

I called Rob this morning just to tell him what a great job they did for us last summer, and we look forward to a big year in 2020. Sometimes Monday’s are good.