Captain Darryl Choronzie – Owen Sound, Ontario

As a small family business operating out of Northern Ontario, we could not afford mainstream advertising. Right from the beginning, Darryl liked the Shark and took it upon himself to help our project. He featured the Shark on his TV show ‘Going Fishing’ countless times over the years. The exposure on the show and the support from Canada’s top fishing personality has helped us survive in a very competitive fishing equipment market among international corporate giants.

Darryl did this out of the goodness of his heart and asked nothing in return. Once in a while we were able to supply him with a few samples.


Captain Mike Black  –  Rock N Troll  –  Collingwood, Ontario

ROCK N TROLL is a big water, big league professional tournament sports fishing team. We met Captain Mike and the crew of Rock N Troll along the docks at the spring King of the Lake tournament last year. We asked Mike, “do you guys use Sharks?” Nestor pulled a Shark out of the box and replied: “You mean these?” We found out Mike and the boys had been using Sharks for many years. They have achieved numerous top ten finishes at the various tournaments and derbies on the lake competing against some of the best fresh water salmon fishermen in the world. ROCK N TROLL fishing team has been fishing for salmon and trout on Georgian Bay since the early 80‘s. They upgraded to SHARKS and have never looked back. They carry both the Black and Chrome SHARKS on board to cover all the conditions;weather, light and especially the mood of the fish. Rock and Troll tested out our new Shark Tournament Spoons last year, they proved that Shark Cannonballs and Shark Tournament Spoon a winning combination.


Captain Steve Hardcastle  –  Fishmasters Ultimate Charters  –  Dunneville, Ontario

Steve has been a charter captain for the past 23 years and he fishes year round. During the summer months he is hunting big kings on Lake Ontario, during the winter months Steve charters out of Costa Rica for big water game fish. Steve also owns a marina and tackle shop on the Grand River near Dunnville Ontario. Captain Steve Hardcastle has appeared on many of our Canadian fishing shows, including Fishful Thinking with Charlie Wray. Welcome aboard Captain Steve.

Fishmasters Ultimate Charters
Steve Hardcastle
776 Main Street East
R.R. 6 Dunnville Ont.
N1A 2W5
Call Us: 905-701-6874
Email: fishmaster@hotmail.com


Captain Greg Amiel – Toronto, Ontario

Greg Amiel Owner/ Guide of Fishing 4 Tails Greg Amiel is a Multi-Species Angling Specialist. He fishes on average 200 days a year on the water. His character is driven to fish, with always wanting to gain more knowledge in a better bite, new techniques and figuring out daily fish patterns. In the past 5 years he has over $85, 000 in tournament winnings in a variety of species. He currently holds 2 IGFA World Records with another 6 in the family. Greg loves to fish for all species from Muskie to Salmon in Canadian waters. Ontario is a goldmine in terms of the many Great Lakes and multi species all within a couple hours away. With his salt water background he is able to apply many different strategies, to increase his odds in tournaments and keeping his clients busy reeling in fish. He is able to teach anglers various techniques with his broad knowledge of seasonal patterns, lunar phases, water quality, baitfish movement and the when & where’s of fishing…

We are equally impressed with the success as one of the top charter captains on the Great Lakes. It is one thing to win contests but the true measure of success comes from the many testimonials Greg has received from his many guests over the years.

Capt. Greg is Transport Canada certified for SVOP and MED A3 and St. John Ambulance certified for Marine CPR A

Articles and Website

  • Company Website
  • Front page article in ‘The Liberal’ a local paper.
  • IGFA mention for breaking 20 year walleye world record
    • www.anglingnews.net/rep_detail.asp?ID=8835
    • ‘Another long standing record of over 20 years may be broken by Greg Amiel, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, who landed a walleye (Sander vitreum) in five minutes weighing 11 lb 0 oz. (4.98 kg) while trolling a lure on 1 kg (2 lb) class line, in the Bay of Quinte, Picton, Ontario, Canada. The current record fish of 10 lb 6 oz was caught April 18, 1984 near Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.
  • IGFA mention for Whitefish record
    • www.anglingnews.net/rep_detail.asp?ID=15694
    • ‘Canadian angler Greg Amiel, Richmond-Hill, Ontario, landed a lake whitefish (Coregonus, clupeaformis) weighing 2.94 kg (6 lb 8 oz) on 3 kg (6 lb) line, while fishing Lake Simcoe, Ontario, May 18. The current IGFA line class record is 6 lb caught March 31, 2001.’



Captain Ryan Hare – Team We Pound ‘Em – Collingwood, Ontario

Ryan and Dan Ayton Lee(right) are fierce tournament competitors placing high in recent competitions. The team is from Collingwood Ontario and trolls the local waters in Georgian Bay from early spring until late fall. They follow the tournament circuit on Lake Ontario and have been using Shark Cannonballs very successfully for many years now. The team will add an exiting new dynamic to the Canadian contingent of the Shark Pro Staff Team. Welcome aboard Ryan and Dan.



Larry Vernon.JPG
Captain Larry Vernon – Vernon Charters – Port Darlington, Ontario

“I’ve been fishing for over 50 years, the last 25 as a charter captain. I started chartering on Lake Simco and Port Credit in the seventies and I started fishing at Port Darlington, Bowmanville in the late eighties. I have been chartering there ever since. A well known area for big fish as several derby winners have been caught here over the years. After all these years I’m still learning new fishing tips; using Shark Cannonballs over the last couple of years has been one of them. I would not fish without them now. { thanks Ed }”




Jeremie Brooks.jpg
Captain Jeremie Brooks – Trophy Taker Fishing Charters – Dorchester, Ontario

Jeremie is an active member of the Ontario Sport Fishing Guides Association (OSGA) and a licensed guide with the Ministry of Natural Resources. He has more than 18 years of experience fishing on Lake Erie. Jeremie is a graduate of the Recreation Leadership Program at Fanshawe College in London Ontario. Shark Cannonballs have played a major role is the success of Jeremie’s operation for the past four years.




Captain Paul Powis – Ontario Charterboat Association

‘There is only one kind of downrigger ball on my boat: Sharks’



Capts Joe and Greg Slater – Owen Sound, Ontario

Joe and Greg have been with us from the get go. They were helping test our Sharks back when we had few volunteers. They know even on the tough days Sharks will bring fish into your spread. Thanks Joe and Greg!


Guide Bill Cooper – King Coop’s Fishing Charters – Victoria, British Colombia

The month of July up in Nootka Sound was where we first witnessed the Shark in action. On two separate occasions I watched fish swim up to the Shark when I was pulling gear. The first was a Coho(Coho are very aggressive and curios fish as you already know). It swam up beside the Shark and accessed it for about 10 seconds. This tells me that when the water is clear it DEFINITELY attracts fish. Your statements are confirmed… The second time I found the Chinooks holding off a popular point. They were quite thick, actually!! I removed the flashers and fished just spoons and bait. The Shark side caught the fish faster then the lead side. We hooked over 50 Chinooks and landed approx 80% in two days. During the slay-fest while I was playing a 30 pound spring, I watched one about the same size follow the shark up to about 6 feet from the surface than turned and swam off.