Team Extreme – Sweden – Ove Johansson, Anders Johannson, Dan Alpsten

Ove Johansson is the captain of Shark Pro Staff Team Extreme from Sweden, together with Dan and Andres they have been winning major tournaments in Scandinavia with Sharks for the past 15 years. We named our Extreme Shark after the team as a tribute to the wonderful relationship we have had with them; always great sportsmen, always gentlemen. Team Extreme won the Swedish Trolling Masters two years in a row, and many other major tournaments.

Team Bertrand – Tibro, Sweden

Congratulations Shark Pro Staff Team Bertan from Tibro, Sweden. Team Bertan took the victory in Salmon Cup Vättern 2016 through six salmon which together weighed 29.1 kg.Of the 49 entered teams weighed 16 of these together into 32 salmon after two days (3-4 December) trolling fight.

Team Bertan is preparing for the Bornholm Trolling Masters in Denmark this April. They won the event in 2015; over 400 pro teams. Team members Gustav Österplan, Tomas Borg, Erik Österplan and Bernt-Ove Sandsjö.

Captain Juha Merila – Finland

Juha is a recreational troller obsessed with Atlantic salmon. He fishes mainly on Baltic waters at Gulf of Finland. During winter time he fishes mostly on southern Baltic at Simrishamn (Sweden) and Bornholm (Denmark). During the past year he logged over 650 hours of trolling mostly with downriggers.


A-Team Trolling – Norway – Frank Ronny Johansen, Roy Idar Brandlistuen, Leif Johansen

The A-Team has the distinction of being the current National Trolling Champions (NM) of Norway. Over the years the Shark Pro Staff Team has become an elite collection of the best downrigger sports fishermen in the world; their common bond is their love for fishing and their high regard for Shark Cannonballs. The credo of team is to promote good sportsmanship in the fishing community and to share knowledge with other fishers.

A-Team, Frank Ronny Johansen, Roy Idar Brandlistuen and Leif Johansen won top honors at the Norwegian Trolling Masters Tournament (NM) this past summer in a hard fought contest where the difference between first place and second was only 170 gm. This year over 200 boats competed in the 2009 Trolling Masters in Norway, the A-Team took first place with a total weight of 16.57 kg. At the same time they also took the biggest trout of 7.68 kg. A-Team trolling used 2 fifteen pound Chrome Sharks to attract their winning fish.

Captain Tomas Silden – Norway

Shark Cannonballs is very pleased to announce the appointment of Tomas Silden to our International Pro Staff Team. Tomas is a serious competition fisherman from Norway winning his fair share of tournament and placing well in others. Tomas has done an incredible job promoting Shark products across Scandinvaia.

Captain Cato Pettersen – Team Norge – Norway

Congratulations Cato, you are a truly amazing fisherman, two years in a row top ten at Bornholm!

“Hi Ed. We (team Nårje /Norway) had a great week in Bornholm. We got 4 salmon from 8 to 14 kg. 2 of the salmon took a Shark spoon. And all 4 hit behind a shark cannonball. We ended at place 8 of 368 boats.
Best regards Cato Pettersen”